Cameron J. McConnell Build to Prosper

Welcome to McConnell Group LLC (MGLLC)

MGLLC has provided business advising services to business owners over the past thirty years while successfully assisting hundreds of owners increase their pretax profits sufficient to reinvest in innovation. We have accomplished these results with business owners who applied MGLLC’s proprietary business modeling methodology (BMM) process.

Our purpose in business has always been to help business owners reinvest their profits in innovation. And our vision has never weakened.  We help business owners create prosperity for future generations!

Determined to sow into the earth its proprietary BMM business model as seeds, MGLLC also freely gives its trade secrets, so all business owners, investors, CPA's, corporate governance administrators, Chief Innovation Officers,  Board of Directors, family business members, estate trustees, lenders, professors and their students, ministers/rabbi's, attorneys, wealth management advisors and business advisors can harvest from these seeds sown. Consequently, throughout the years MGLLC has reaped a successful harvest and has now evolved into Build to Prosper -- Secrets For Sustained Profitability -- a division of MGLLC. The trade secrets of Build to Prosper are now revealed in a new book at





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